DPD Evo #4, Total Chlorine Test, 0.01 – 6.0 mg/L Cl2, Reagent


Why use OTO (Orthotoloidine) for chlorine testing when DPD is safer? That’s exactly why we have moved away from encouraging customers to test chlorine/chloramine with OTO and instead using the newest and safest DPD formulation ever from Lovibond®. DPD No.4 Evo from Lovibond® contains only small amounts of potassium iodide. Water analysis has never been safer. These tablets can be used safely and with their new formulation, provide the usual reliable results. As an indicator of water hygiene, the DPD No.4 Evo tablets are indispensable for detecting the total chlorine content. Water analysis couldn’t be quicker, simpler, safer, or more cost-effective. Together with the boric acid-free Green Chemistry, you are on the safe side with the potassium-reduced, enormously long-life DPD No.4 Evo reagents.

  • Safe testing with reduced potassium iodide.
  • Alternative formulation - proven efficiency
  • Easy handling & accurate dosing
  • Fast results & cost efficiency

Follow the simple steps in the video below to test your water for chlorine and/or chloramine.

Quantity (tablets)

20, 50, 100, 200

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