We created AquaYouth to be a little bit different.

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AquaYouth’s modern, sleek, durable design, combined with industry best filtration performance, and top level customer support has earned us over 1000 5 star reviews from customers all around the world.

Made With Integrity

In an industry saturated with unvalidated and exaggerated performance claims, you can rest assured knowing that AquaYouth has invested in third party testing and certification by the water filtration industry’s leading authorities NSF International, in order to prove our performance.

Always Giving Back

Each year, AquaYouth sets aside a portion of our profits to give back to non-profits that work hard to deliver clean water to third world nations..

Introducing The NSF Certified AquaYouth 2.0 Shower Filter

Industry best, dual NSF certified water filtration that guarantees you the cleanest, most contaminant free shower, every time.

Why Filtering Your Shower Water Is So Important


While your shower may look clean, it may contain potentially harmful contaminants that it picked up on its journey through aging pipes. On top of that, chlorine is added to the public water supply in order to kill bacteria and other pathogens. Chlorine and these contaminants have been linked to dry hair, dry skin, skin irritation, asthma, and more.

Well, you can start breathing a little easier by taking your health and beauty into your own hands. The AquaYouth 2.0 Shower Filter reduces harmful levels of chlorine, heavy metals, rust, sand, bacteria, and other sediments. Cleaner water means better skin, better hair, and better health.

The AquaYouth filter technology is our commitment to provide better water for your shower. We believe that everyone should have access to clean & pure shower water. Using a dual PP filter, activated carbon, and DOLKI anti-bacterial ball, our shower filter tested to reduce more contaminants than any other brand.

Reduction Of Contaminants Below

Below are some of the most common contaminants found in unfiltered tap water. Each item below has been thoroughly tested against the AquaYouth 2.0 Shower Filter by third parties.

Reduction of Chlorine0%
99 %
Reduction of Lead0%
63 %
Reduction of Iron0%
100 %
Reduction of Copper0%
33 %
Reduction of Mercury0%
100 %
Bacterial Growth0%
99 %

What The Science Says

“Showering is suspected as the primary cause of elevated levels of chloroform in nearly every home because of the chlorine in the water.”

“The National Academy of Sciences estimate that 200 to 1000 people die in the United States each year from cancers caused by ingesting the contaminants in water. The major health threat posed by these pollutants is far more likely to be from their inhalation as air pollutants. The reason that emissions are high is that because water droplets dispersed by the shower head have a larger surface-to-value ratio than water streaming into the bath.”

“Depending on the source of contamination and the exposure, health effects include neurological problems and developmental disabilities in children (lead), interference with hormones (perchlorates), and increased risk of cancers of the skin, bladder, and kidney (arsenic).” Rhea Suh, National Geographic

“Taking long hot showers is a health risk, according to research presented last week in Anaheim, California, at a meeting of the American Chemical Society. Showers, and to a lesser extent baths, lead to greater exposure to toxic chemicals contained in water supplies than does drinking the water. The chemicals evaporate out of the water and are inhaled. They can also spread through the house and be inhaled by others. House holders can receive 6 to 100 times more of the chemical by breathing the air around showers and bath than they would by drinking the water.”

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