AquaYouth 2.0 Replacement Filter

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Customer Reviews

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Alanna Liebhart

The filter easy to install and I could tell an immediate difference in the quality of my water!

Mary Melton

I bought it for my daughter as she has hard water and she was breaking out from the water. She loves it makes a big difference she told me. So she is very happy.
Thanks for asking.
Mary Melton

Pamela Shallo

Awesome !! I have double amount of clorine in my water because I live on the beach and my building is old .my skin feels so different and my hair doesn't get matted up ..thank you for this product

Kathleen Henley
So far so good

We are very health conscious and noticed our water smelled like chlorine. We did some research on shower filters and were impressed by the reviews. We know that the chemicals in the water are not something we want soaking into our skin. I also have been experiencing hair loss and some of the reviews I read said that they have noticed less hair loss. I have not seen this yet, but am hopeful. The water smells great and my skin feels less itchy.

Love F.
Robin L Gudex

Love this filter. After very first shower My skin was softer and used way less shampoo.