High Pressure Lux Shower Head

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  • MODERN & SLEEK DESIGN: This solid brass shower head has clean and smooth lines and a striking, modern design that will surely complement any bathrooms hardware and accessories.
  • 360° SWIVEL TECHNOLOGY: The adjustable shower head’s 360° swivel base effortlessly allows you to position the water spray in the precise direction you choose.
  • ADVANCED SPRAY TECHNOLOGY: Meticulously engineered for high pressure rinsing and body coverage, The AquaYouth high pressure shower head offers a superior shower experience.
  • SERIOUSLY HIGH PRESSURE: The special 45 spray solid brass design increases the water flow velocity, which leads to the very clean stream appearance as well as an extremely satisfying level of water pressure. Over three times more spray power than most other high pressure shower heads on the market.
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Elias Lopez
Almost great

I really like the look and feel of the shower head and filter; It's sturdy and stylish and generally feels like great quality. However, after I turn off the shower, the drip begins; it could be anywhere to 30 minutes to 1 hour after the water goes off but when it starts, the only way I can stop it is if I detach the shower head or place a bunch of towels by the drain in order to mute the loud sounds of drops hitting the porcelain tub in a bathroom attached to my bedroom. I really cannot understand how such a great product could not figure out how to prevent the horrific drip, drip, drip...

Love it!

The peace of mind I feel knowing that my shower water is properly filtered is hard to describe. The lemony, limey smell is gone and the pressure is great! I’m more motivated than ever to hit the gym, work up a sweat just so I have an excuse to take a shower with this new head and filter combo. Couldn’t be happier!

Great Shower Head

Great water pressure and the head design is stylish and sleek. I do wish the head (overall stream) were a tad bit wider though and had settings.


Really feels different

Michael Romero
Good looking flat black

Great pressure boost